Conquer Your Cocktail Goals and More with the At Home: Mezcal Masterclass

There will have been a point in time when we have all tasted a cocktail in one form or another. However, those that have become avid fans of original cocktails may find that the Tequila Sunrise does not offer enough originality when extending their taste palette.

Fortunately, the last few years have seen cocktail connoisseurs become more daring in the cocktails they try, and those that are still to enjoy the taste sensation that is Mezcal can now do so from the comfort of their own home.

Mezcal is often compared to another famous Mexican export, tequila. However, how in the yare created sets them apart. Whereas tequila is made using steamed agaves and copper pots, Mezcal is produced in earthen pits filled with wood and charcoal and are then distilled in clay pots.

Of course, those wanting to marvel at this Mexican beverage do not have to go to such extreme measures, as the At Home: Mezcal Masterclass offers everything you need for a cocktail night with a difference.

The At Home: Metzal Masterclass offers enough contents for two people, including a 50ml bottle of Ojo De Dios, a 50ml bottle of Peloton de la Muerte and two 50ml bottles of MAP Lab cocktails.

In conjunction with the ingredients, there is also a live 90-minute masterclass that is made up of six attendees, so you can be confident that any questions, queries or confusing aspects of the masterclass are dealt with immediately.

A Creative Activity for Cocktail Aficionados

Going to a cocktail bar is one of the many social gatherings that friends have, but difficult times such as the pandemic has meant that the options available are limited in some instances. Indytute has always pioneered in great ideas and innovative experiences, and the Mezcal Masterclass is just an example of some of the many experiences that can be enjoyed at home.

Cocktail fans come in many different forms, but they are always keen to embrace something new, and the Mezcal Masterclass is the perfect gift idea for those who like to mix regularly. Throwing away the shackles of conventional cocktails, the At Home Mezcal Masterclass offers everything an avid mixologist needs, while providing a finished product that will blow their mind.

A Great Experience for Keeping the Mind Occupied  

Many would be forgiven for thinking that the making off cocktail is only beneficial to the taste buds, but the whole process can offer several benefits, such as keeping the mind occupied.

Some people may be trying to cope with stress, whereas others may find the mind wondering when there is little to do. The At Home: Mezcal Masterclass is a unique experience that can be carried out with friends at home, or you could even make some new friends during the tutorial.

Before long, you will be fascinated at how immersive the experience is, and never will you be short of something to do when catching some respite.

A Great Gift for the Person Who Has Everything

When people purchase a gift, they want it to be unique and personal. However, when looking for a gift for the person who has everything, then it can be a complicated process. No business understands this better than Indytute, which has paved the way for unique and exciting London experiences.

Despite the many London experiences available, safety comes first. Therefore, Indytute has ensured its customers old and new are safeguarded, by offering experiences that are as close to the real thing as possible.

Not only can the At Home: Mezcal Masterclass be enjoyed at home at a time that suits the person, but the skills learned during the masterclass can be used to create other exciting Mexican-based cocktails.

A Different Date Night for You and Your Partner

Trying to find original things to enjoy as a couple can be difficult, especially during a pandemic. This is especially true for a couple that likes to explore new things. Fortunately, being at home does not mean that couples need to be bored.

Indytute understands that to enjoy an experience at home, all the utensils and clear instructions are needed in every instance.

The At-Home Mezcal Masterclass includes premium ingredients that ensure that your cocktails taste great. And couples can enjoy some quality binding time while under the supervision of an online mixologist expert.

Just One of Several Home-Based Activities Available at Indytute

Despite how impressive the At Home: Mezcal Masterclass is, it is not the only option available at Indytute. Not only are you able to master your mixologist skills, but you can also up your skill set in other areas, including printing and music.

In short, if you are looking for a home-based activity that is perfect for you, then Indytute has an option available. What is more, those who purchase one of the many home-based experiences can also enjoy a discount to one of the many in-person London experiences available.