Embrace the Creativity of Clay with the At Home: Clay Club Kit

Whereas some trends come and go, others show no sign of going anywhere. The first person to work with clay creatively was William Harbutt, who invented the modelling variation to help create his visions back in the 18th and 19th century.

Of course, this was working with clay in its most primitive form, but the advancements made have all worked on the original premise put in place so long ago.

Clay has become so popular that it has been used in several animated movies, video games and television commercials to significant effect, meaning that modelling with clay is something that everybody can enjoy.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has meant that many of the in-person opportunities to learn about clay are suspended for safety reasons, but this does not mean that the enjoyment of clay cannot be brought into the home environment.

Indytute has been offering unique and innovative London experiences for several years and can now bring the same enjoyment to your doorstep thanks to several at-home expertise, including the At Home: Clay Club.

The At Home range is designed for those looking to try something new and enjoyable without having to leave home, and everything needed to craft the perfect piece of clay is included in the kit.

Among the contents of the box is a loop tool, a potter’s rib, a cut off needle and 3kg of clay. As well as a positive, creative process, there are several other benefits of working with clay, and all the benefits can be delivered to your doorstep courtesy of Indytute.

Allows Artists to Create Tactile Art That Can be Admired for the Long Term

The great thing about working with clay is that it can be approached as a solo project or used in tandem with many other creative processes. For example, if you have completed a drawing that you would like to take on three-dimensional form, then the At Home: Clay Club is worth considering.

If you are struggling to get started with clay, then fear not. Indytute not only supplies everything needed for your clay-based activities but also offers several online tutorial videos that can be referred to at any time.

Enjoy a Holistic Creative Experience

When working with clay, people are introduced to a sensual experience which allows creativity to flare and process feelings that give us confidence and make us feel good. Although the first attempt may not be the work of art you were hoping to achieve, each step taken allows you to become better at your craft.

As well as perfecting your crafting skills, you will also notice that there is less stress and annoyance when working with clay, which can help snap us out of a difficult day at work or a stressful day running errands.

There Is No Wrong Approach When Using the At Home: Clay Club Kit

Although some people may have visions of what they want to create, there is no hard and fast rule surrounding clay. Some may want to make a vase that can be used practically, whereas others may want to create something utterly unique.

Regardless of how you want to express your creativity, once you get to grips with clay, there will be no stopping you.

Encourages Traits of Trial and Error

There is a common misconception that everything must be perfect the first time. Of course, some situations call for such measures, but working with clay is not one of them. The At Home: Clay Club is designed to bring out the best in you, so stress is the last thing you will be experiencing.

Clay is a very flexible and adaptable material that allows you to rework your sculpture until you are happy with the result. While this may take some people longer than others, those using the At Home: Clay Club kit can be confident of an enjoyable experience that will help them create pieces for the home, as well as potential gifts for friends and loved ones.

Encourages Play-Based Learning When Working with Children

Although adults can have lots of fun with the At Home: Clay Club, it is just as exciting for children and helps develop their play-based learning. Although video games and movies are fine in short doses, parents still are keen to embrace an activity that allows children to fine-tune their skills, and the At Home: Clay Club is perfect for this.

Of course, adult supervision will be required, but if you are looking for a quality way of spending time with children that is also fun, then why not consider the At Home: Clay Club kit.

Enjoy Several Other Home-Based Activities with Indytute

Although Indytute has been paving the way for London-based experience, it understands that safety comes first, especially during such worrying times. Therefore, Indytute has curated a series of home-based experience that offers the same level of enjoyment as its London-based alternative

What is more, when purchasing one of the home-based activities, you will automatically receive a discount towards your next in-person experience.