Embrace the Benefits of Japanese Culture with the At Home: Kintsugi Kit

It is easy to assume that once something is damaged, it should be discarded, but other avenues can bring new life to things that others deem as disposable. The Japanese art of Kintsugi is a method of repairing china via the use of lacquer, but there are many other layers to this delicate art.

As well as bringing new life to broken china, the art of Kintsugi can be used as a metaphor for life, in which we can identify the broken pieces and create something new.

Like all home-based activities available from Indytute, the At Home: Kintsugi Kit introduces a concept that is original to the Western world while ensuring there are still elements of learning and enjoyment intertwined.

Everything you need to get started with the ancient art of Kintsugi is included in the kit and is delivered directly to your door, so taking part in a new experience is more effortless. As well as full instructions on how to use the At Home: Kintsugi Kit, there is also an online tutorial that takes place on a Saturday, which ensures that you can find your momentum quickly.

A Terrific Gift for Those Trying Out New Talents

Many people have a creative side and will produce works of art that take on various forms. Regardless of whether you are searching for something to help ignite your creative side, or searching for a new creative process, the At Home: Kintsugi Kit is a perfect choice.

Before long, you will be skilled in an ancient art that ensures works of old never have to be discarded.

A Brilliant Way of Adopting Positive Life Skills

Many of us will have been through an experience that left us feeling broken, and during this process, it’s easy to lose confidence in what we enjoy. Fortunately, the art of Kintsugi allows people to reframe the way they look at life and find new avenues in becoming a whole person again.

Kintsugi Can Help Counteract Anxiety and Stress

Not only can Kintsugi help contend with past experiences but can also ensure that stress and anxiety are lessened moving forward. The mindset adopted by those that practice Kintsugi means that they can recognise harmful triggers in their life and apply a calm and practical method of dealing with the issue.

As time goes by, people find that they have more clarity and can make decisions more manageable, as the element of stress is decreased.

The Art of Kintsugi Can Make us Persevere

Sometimes the goals we set out in life cannot be achieved because of personal struggles. Although understandable, people will be searching for ways to counteract the uninspired feeling we can experience and find a way of moving forward.

As well as allowing us to reach a feeling of Zen during difficult times, Kintsugi can also teach us skills that make for more perseverance. Looking at problems in a different way allows more avenues to become available, meaning that achieving goals becomes more straightforward.

Of course, other factors need to be taken into consideration, but Kintsugi is ideal for those looking to adopt a more positive and tenacious way of thinking.

Help the Environment While Saving Money

The art of Kintsugi teaches us to look for value in what most see as rubbish. This ensures that whenever china is chipped or broken, it does not have to end up in a landfill as a result. More and more people are aware of how important it is to protect the environment and are keen to help wherever they can.

A few simple skills can make all the difference and ensures that there is always a way of bringing new life into old china.

The At Home: Kintsugi Kit Is One Of Several Home Based Experiences

Despite how impressive the At Home: Kintsugi Kit is, it is just one of several home-based experiences that are tailored to deliver the enjoyment of the real thing in the comfort of your living room.

Regardless of whether you are looking to upscale your skillset or want to try something new from the comfort of the living room, you can be confident that Indytute has something perfect for the occasion.

All kits come with everything needed for the perfect night in, along with some online tuition so everyone can enjoy unique experiences in the right way.